Responsibility and ethics

One of the cornerstones of its sustainable development policy, the Galeries Lafayette group places people at the centre of the company’s actions, at the disposal of its employees, but society at large.


A responsible and ethical employer 

employee with disability

The success of its sustainable development policy requires support from all its stakeholders, starting with the employees.

 The Group supports its people and promotes well-being, engagement and diversity while also supporting community initiatives and encouraging employees to take part in such projects.


of female managers

An engaged company

equivalent meals donated in 2017

As an active member of society, the Galeries Lafayette group is involved in the issues that are close to its heart by developing long-term, concrete partnerships with non-profit organizations in France and overseas.

These partnerships grow stronger every year, providing the organizations with both financial and logistical support, by making donations in kind or through volunteering.

non-food donations in 2017

The Group and its management team are committed to relaying the beliefs held by these organizations, whether they seek to promote solidarity, notoriety of tourism and the economy in France or the sharing of knowledge.


Our main commitments

The Group supports Emmaüs Défi, a non-profit that fosters the social and professional reinsertion of people in difficulty through employment and entrepreneurship in France.
The Group sponsors this non-profit which helps disabled adults through shared housing in city centres.
The Group supports this Foundation created by Yann Arthus Bertrand which works to raise awareness of the environment and encourages people to engage in projects that help the planet and its inhabitants.
The Group provides financial support, donations in kind and skills-based sponsorship to Dons Solidaires, a non-profit that distributes unsold, non-food items that would otherwise be destroyed to the poor.
The Group funds CARE, an international charity organisation founded to help people in Europe and Asia in danger of starvation after World War Two.
The Group supports Atout France, the French state's only tourism body, which aims to enhance the appeal of France as a destination, and boost the competitiveness of its companies and industries.
The Group is a patron of the Château de Versailles and its contemporary art exhibitions. For example, it sponsored Winter Journey in 2017-2018 and Sugimoto Versailles in 2018-2019.
The Group helps to promote France and welcome foreign tourists.
The Group supports this platform for dialogue between French and Chinese leaders founded in 2012 to encourage lasting relationships and the creation of joint projects between the two countries.
The Group supports the Paris chamber of commerce and industry which assists companies with their projects on a daily basis. Philippe Houzé has been an Elected Member of the Chamber of Commerce for many years.
The Group has supported the educational program of the Institut Français de la Mode (French Fashion Institute) since 2014. Philippe Houzé also serves on this organisation's board.
As part of its policy of responsible growth, the Group is a partner of the Corporate Social Responsibility Chair at Audencia business school in Nantes, Western France. Philippe Houzé is the president of the class of 2020.
The Group supports ESCP Europe, the oldest business school to offer an intercultural, internationally-focused management program. Philippe Houzé is also Chairman of the Board at this institution.
The Group has supported the INSEAD Foundation since 2014. This business school is recognised internationally for its excellent courses, including its MBA, which is ranked number one by the Financial Times. Every year, the Group also funds the "Women Scholarship for the Retail." Philippe Houzé serves on INSEAD's board and is Chairman of the French Board.
The Group is helping fund the innovative future campus of the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (known as Sciences Po) currently being developed in the iconic Hôtel de l'Artillerie which was acquired by the school in 2016.

 Ecological transition

The Group is reinventing its city-centre retail activity in order to support the transformation of cities towards sustainable transport and buildings and to work in favour of a more circular economy.


Virtuous buildings for a more sustainable city 

of recycled wasted in 2017 (vs. 2016)

As a specialist in city centre retail, the company has particularly testing challenges for its historical property portfolio. The Group’s policy on waste is twofold: reducing its generation and improving its sorting. Energy consumption policy has also been setup.

ISO 50001
Certification of the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann store for its energy management

Contributing to urban agriculture

of urban agriculture cultivated on the roofs of the stores

Projecting buildings into their utility of the future cannot just boil down to managing their impacts: they must also make a positive contribution to the city. This is how the Group came to become involved in urban agriculture with three vegetable gardens in Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and Annecy, and in BHV/MARAIS Rivoli (a total of 3,200 sq.m.), to measure environmental contributions and test new forms of short selling channels.


More ecological transport flows

of deliveries on CNG in Paris

Logistics flows have already been the subject of improvement work for several years in the perspective of reducing and enhancing their environment impact, (in particular with optimization or reverse logistics). All deliveries within Paris are now made by a fleet of vehicles running on CNG. Specific attention was paid this year to air freight, with the permanent aim to reduce their emissions.


 Go for Good

Go for Good is a creative and collective movement committed to making fashion more responsible, launched by the Group in 2018.


Making fashion more responsible

In 2018, the Group launches Go for Good, a creative movement committed to making fashion more responsible. This initiative showcases the positive action carried out by Galeries Lafayette and its community of 500 partner brands that are driving the transformation in the fashion industry.

Promoting design in support of the greater good, Go for Good aims to satisfy the growing importance of the pursuit of meaning and transparency clients expect, and encourages stakeholders to be involved in a drive to improve the industry together.

This movement highlights and encourages the initiatives of brands and young designers to promote more responsible fashion.

More information on


Proposing different consumption forms to clients

Go for Good product references in-store and online
partner brands

As a store that carefully curates its brand offer, Galeries Lafayette has selected both ethical and desirable products across all segments, going from Fashion and Accessories, to Beauty, Jewelry, Home and Fine Foods, combining the pursuit of style with the pursuit of meaning. This range is based on an uncompromising set of specifications detailing 35 precise requirements to build a range of products that feature one or more significant advantages over conventional equivalents that benefit the environment, social development and/or support French manufacturing.


In all stores, those criteria are highlighted by Go for Good brand sales areas, in an informative and sharing approach for clients.

Go for Good movement is also reflected through awareness events about preowned products and clothes fixing and recycling. Through conferences and workshops, all clients are invited to discover new forms of consumption.


More responsible own brands

"Go for Good - Transparent sur toute la ligne" 100% traceable collections

In recent years, the Group has been fully committed to controlling social and environmental risks among its suppliers of own-brand products. This policy starts with suppliers signing a mandatory code of conduct and the Group conducting a risk analysis of production sites and running social audits. Additional checks are gradually being implemented on sites with potentially significant environmental impact.

“Go for Good -Transparent sur toute la ligne” Galeries Lafayette clothing line’s collections cover an array of responsible fabric, fully traceable from cotton field to store.



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