Placing people at the centre of the company’s actions

Striving to attract the most diverse talent, the Group relies on an ambitious Human Resources policy that values the career path and personality of each individual, and creates an environment that is both welcoming and stimulating and promotes creativity and collaboration.


Discovering a historical group

Working for the Galeries Lafayette group grounds your career in a company with a rich heritage and solid roots in France, which also enjoys a global reputation. Chaque jour y est différent et présente à chaque collaborateur l’opportunité d’imaginer l’inattendu, pour étonner, éveiller, avancer.


 Reinventing retail 

For over 125 years, retail has been the Galeries Lafayette group’s field of research, continuously opening new perspectives and shifting lines and parameters. To keep surprising its clients and fulfilling its retailing mission, the Group innovates, digitizes, experiments and transforms itself.


The 14,000 Galeries Lafayette group employees take part in an ambitious challenge: to reinvent tomorrow’s retail.  Not a day goes by without them making their profession evolve, putting in perspective their ways of doing, getting out of the beaten tracks, in each one of our stores.

With a common purpose: to make our clients live a shopping experience that will be bold, connected, human and committed at once.