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A responsible group and leading physical and online retailer with French roots and international standing




Specialised in city-centre fashion retailing, the Galeries Lafayette group positions itself, in France as well as overseas, as the benchmark in omni-channel retailing and contributes to promoting the French “Art of Living” through its brands.

Strengthened by its architectural heritage and a strong innovative culture, the Galeries Lafayette group receives more than 1 million visitors every day in its 280 stores and e-commerce websites. It enjoys a long-standing, emotional connection with its clients that it nurtures at every opportunity, both online and in store, to provide them with the best possible experience in retail and creation.

Over time, the Group has built up the international recognition of its iconic brands: Galeries Lafayette, BHV/MARAIS, La Redoute, Eataly Paris Marais, Galeries Lafayette-Royal Quartz Paris, Louis Pion, Guérin Joaillerie and BazarChic. The Group supports the brands in their asset, digital and creative transformation through Citynove, Lafayette Plug and Play and Lafayette Anticipations - Galeries Lafayette Corporate Foundation.

125 years
of retailing
family owned
in retail sales
1 M
visitors per day

 Our values


One of France’s leading private employers with nearly 14,000 employees, the Galeries Lafayette group has built its identity on a set of fundamental values. Retailers since the first day, the Group anchors its identity in client service, which is at the heart of its every concern. For this, the Group’s employees reinvent retail, daily taking risks and anticipating tomorrow’s evolutions, in order to make the French “Art of Living” always more accessible, in France as well as overseas.

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Passion for clients

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Daring to innovate

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A taste for excellence

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Growing stronger together


Our history 


Creation of a sundries shop named "Aux Galeries Lafayette" and located at 1 rue Lafayette in Paris, by two cousins from Alsace, Théophile Bader et Alphonse Kahn

Opening of the Paris Haussmann department store with its dome designed by Ferdinand Chanut

The first Galeries Lafayette store opens outside Paris, in Nice in southern France

Jules Védrines lands his plane on the roof of the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, winning a contest issued by the department store.

Galeries Lafayette creates the La Maîtrise applied arts workshops

Creation of the Monoprix banner

Opening of the Maine-Montparnasse Galeries Lafayette store

Acquisition of the Aux Dames de France banner

Acquisition of the Nouvelles Galeries and Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville (BHV) banners

Opening of the Berlin Galeries Lafayette, in a building designed by Jean Nouvel

Opening of the Boulevard Haussmann Lafayette Maison store

The Moulin family becomes sole owner of the Galeries Lafayette Group; Ginette Moulin is appointed Chairwoman of Galeries Lafayette's Supervisory Board and Philippe Houzé chairs the Executive Board

Acquisition of Louis Pion-Royal Quartz

Creation of Citynove, the company that manages and enhances Galeries Lafayette's properties

Opening of a Galeries Lafayette store in Dubai

Celebration of the dome's 100th anniversary and creation of an exhibition designed with Rem Koolhaas and his architectural firm, OMA
Divestment of Monoprix
Acquisition of Didier Guérin

Opening of Galeries Lafayette stores in Beijing and Jakarta
Kick-off of the Galeries Lafayette Corporation Foundation project
Announcement of plans to open flagship stores in Doha and Istanbul

Acquisition of a significant stake in the Carrefour Group
Announcement of the project to open Galeries Lafayette stores in Milan
Opening of the Boulevard Haussmann Lafayette Gourmet & Maison store
Opening of the 1st Galeries Lafayette L'Outlet store

Lease at 52-60 avenue des Champs Élysées in Paris for the future Galeries Lafayette
Launch of the new Galeries Lafayette brand identity and online shopping store

Acquisition of BazarChic
Launch of the Lafayette Plug and Play accelerator
BHV/MARAIS celebrates its 160th anniversary
Launch of the new Didier Guérin brand identity which becomes Guérin Joaillerie

Opening of Galeries Lafayette stores in Istanbul and in Carré Sénart (France)
Opening of the Welcome and Shopping Center store near the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
Opening of a BHV/MARAIS store in Dubai
Remodelling of the BHV/PARLY 2 store in France

Opening of the Lafayette Anticipations Corporate Foundation
Opening of a Galeries Lafayette store in Marseille Prado
Acquisition of a majority stake in La Redoute
Launch of the BHV.fr e-commerce website

Opening of the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées store
Opening of the Eataly Paris Marais flagship store for which the Group owns the exclusive franchise rights in France
Launch of the reinvention of the iconic Galeries Lafayette Haussmann store
Opening of the Galeries Lafayette stores in Shanghai, Doha, and Luxembourg




The Galeries Lafayette group is a private, family-run group with 125 years of history in commerce and retail.