Launch of the sixth promotion of Lafayette Plug and Play: 16 new startups contributing to shape the future of retail

Lafayette Plug and Play, an accelerator dedicated to retail, created in partnership with the Galeries Lafayette group and Plug and Play Tech Center, unveils the 16 startups selected for its sixth promotion. They are particularly focused on four key retail trends: personalized user journey, store of tomorrow, supply chain’s automation and optimization and competitive intelligence.

This sixth promotion is composed in equal measure of eight French and eight international startups, from the United States, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. This balance conveys the relevance of the two custom-made acceleration courses set up since September 2018: French startups looking for fundraising and trading partners can follow the “Early Track” course, while international startups seeking to develop their activity on French and European markets can follow the “Late Track”. Every of them can therefore access to an exclusive three-month programme, punctuated by weekly sessions with mentors, retail and e-commerce experts and investors, concluded by the Summer Expo Day which will take place on May the 23rd in Paris.

These 16 startups succeed to the previous promotion, whose results have been particularly positives. With almost 300 meetings and events organized, this programme resulted in 17 contracts or pilots signed up between the startups and the corporate partners, including five with the Galeries Lafayette and La Redoute. This number of collaborations is more than the double of the previous promotions results.

Launched almost three years ago, the Lafayette Plug and Play accelerator has fulfilled its mission of supporting the set-up of the most innovative Retail Tech solutions and services and offering optimal conditions for the development of the startups. The creation of the Early and Late Track courses during the fifth promotion perfectly illustrates this ambition and allows us to answer the needs of every company with relevance, startups as corporate partners. The very satisfying results of this last promotion let us hope for equally promising achievements for the 16 new gems.
— Matthieu Caloni, Director of Strategy and Transformation of the Galeries Lafayette group
Eva Perret