Eataly Paris Marais, the Italian marketplace, is opening its doors in the heart of Paris

Eataly Paris Marais is officially opening on April 12th in the heart of the Marais district, in an exclusive franchise with the Galeries Lafayette group.

A truly worldwide phenomenon, the concept created by Oscar Farinetti in 2007 is taking over 2,500 square meters of space at 37 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, where it is contributing to a revival - with grocery and restaurant services offering fresh products based on shorter, healthier and safer supply chains. Inspired by the Slow Food philosophy, Eataly offers high quality food at accessible prices thanks to its privileged relationships with Italian producers. It is the first time that the vast majority of the products offered at this Parisian location are being made available in France.

Open every day of the week to meet the needs of this bustling historic district, Eataly Paris Marais offers seven different eateries and eight market counters including a butcher, a baker, a cheese monger, fresh mozzarella and pasta producing stands and fruit and vegetable stalls, some of which are outdoors. Eataly Paris Marais also boasts the largest Italian wine cellar in Paris and includes a cooking school with daily classes, open to all.

This unique marketplace, where customers can eat, shop and learn in an authentic and friendly atmosphere, rounds out a unique ecosystem developed by the Galeries Lafayette group in the heart of the capital, covering the area from BHV Marais to Lafayette Anticipations, the Galeries Lafayette corporate foundation. This special architectural and historical ensemble offers Parisian, French and international visitors an exclusive shopping, cultural and gourmet precinct.

This unprecedented project in the heart of the French capital illustrates the Group’s commitment to retailing that is more mindful of producers and consumers and that takes part in the transition towards healthier, non processed and chemical free food.

We are delighted to bring the Eataly brand, a concept that the public loves in every capital, to Paris. Eataly perfectly responds to the mindfulness of our customers and to the growing need to be able to buy fairer and healthier products. We also defend the philosophy at the heart of the famous Eataly concept, which echoes the core values of our family-run group to bring what looks, tastes and feels good to everyone.
— Nicolas Houzé, Chief Executive Officer of Galeries Lafayette and BHV/Marais
Eataly will put all the effort possible to offer Parisians the very best of Italian food and culture. French people have always shown great appreciation for Italian food, and we will not disappoint them. We are very proud to be represented by the Galeries Lafayette group, a company, and brand of the highest prestige.
— Oscar Farinetti
Eva Perret