Lafayette Anticipations - Galeries Lafayette Corporate Foundation

As a space for creating, shaping and exhibiting Art, the Foundation aims to support contemporary artists and creativity, from the visual arts to fashion, design and the performing arts. 

about the Foundation

Created in October 2013, Lafayette Anticipations - Galeries Lafayette Corporate Foundation opened its doors in March 2018 in the heart of the Marais district of Paris.

Chaired by Guillaume Houzé, Image and Communication Director, Galeries Lafayette and BHV MARAIS.

For Ginette Moulin, Honorary Chairwoman, this new institution celebrates the singular ability of all creative people to anticipate and help drive social change. The Foundation is a space for creating, shaping and exhibiting the most contemporary forms of expression, from the visual arts to fashion, design and the performing arts.

A public space for people to gather, converse and share ideas, the Galeries Lafayette Corporate Foundation occupies a 19th-century building renovated by the OMA architectural firm founded by Rem Koolhaas. For this first Paris project, the world-renowned firm has been assisted with property development by Citynove, which manages and renovates Galeries Lafayette Group’s real estate assets.

Foundation Profile

In their own words

Distinguished individuals from different fields are involved in the project. From Ginette Moulin to Laurent Le Bon and Rem Koolhaas, they talk about the Galeries Lafayette Foundation in their own words.

Guillaume Houzé

President, Galeries Lafayette Corporate FoundationWe created the Galeries Lafayette Corporate Foundation as a tool for advancing the conversation in our era and participating in the major social debates through the applied and visual arts.
The Foundation will be more than a gallery. It will be a place to gather and converse, to engage on a wide range of topics and issues. It will attempt to sharpen our perception of our era, using a forward-focused approach similar to the one that infuses our core department store business. Fashion and other designers, visual artists and performers will contrast their practices and thinking with those of the broadest possible cross-section of the public.

Ginette Moulin

Honorary chairwoman, Galeries Lafayette Corporate FoundationGaleries Lafayette Group has always striven to promote a unique blend of the creative arts and commerce for all, values with strong roots in our company's history. With our new Foundation, which will open its doors in the heart of the historic Marais district in an exceptional building fully renovated by the talented Rem Koolhaas, we are proud to once again prove our engagement in the creative endeavour and to help further enhance Paris's cultural appeal.


The Foundation’s Executive Director is François Quintin.
He is supported by an Advisory Board made up of distinguished French and foreign individuals from
the Art world.