A unique lifestyle concept departement store focusing on multi-specialist and creative fashion, BHV MARAIS offers an innovative range of home, fashion, beauty, design, DIY, leisure and fine food products. Its 160-year-old flagship located on Rue de Rivoli in Paris is designed to serve as a venue for inspiration, making the Marais district all the more attractive and offering its French and international customers nearly 900 brands, ranging from the most accessible to leading-edge.
45,000 sq. m
rue de Rivoli
in Paris
4,200 sq. m
DIY department
stores in France
international stores
Creation in Paris


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A unique multispecialist in France, BHV MARAIS is designed to serve as a venue for inspiration, offering everything from fashion, home, DIY, leisure and catering, to exhibitions, workshops and practical services — much to the delight of city dwellers.


The BHV Marais Store
on Rue de Rivoli

The flagship store on rue de Rivoli in Paris created in 1856 completed a full remodelling in 2014 that offers its Parisian, French and international customers a totally reinvented department store that is both creative and multispecialist, while staying faithful to its original DNA and long-standing core offerings.

BHV MARAIS has totally revamped its product mix and offers close to 900 fashion, beauty, design and home brands, from the most economical to the most sophisticated. It also features a continuous program of events to provide an exciting shopping experience.

Besides its main building, BHV MARAIS on rue de Rivoli has also expanded its Men's departments, to better meet the growing demand in that market, with the opening of seven lifestyle and upscale boutiques (Givenchy, Gucci, Moncler, Fendi, Valentino, Polo Sport, Nike), on rue du Temple and rue des Archives.

BHV MARAIS in France and Worldwide

BHV MARAIS also operates in the Parly 2 shopping centre near Paris, offering a diverse mix of fashion and homeware while staying true to BHV MARAIS's historic identity. Outside France, BHV MARAIS is present with two stores in Beirut (Lebanon) and with the opening of a store in Dubaï (United Arab Emirates).