Citynove manages and enhances the real estate assets of the Galeries Lafayette group, mainly consisting of city-centre stores in France. 
Citynove is created
1 million sq. m
of property under management
real estate assets

About Citynove

Citynove designs and develops innovative real estate projects destined to become tomorrow's benchmarks in department store shopping, based on bold architectural designs — in line with the Group's commitment to promote creativity in every form — and ongoing interaction with local communities.

Selected projects

Awning of the Metz Galeries Lafayette Store

Citynove helped transform the Metz Galeries Lafayette, giving the store a complete makeover. Renovated by the internationally famed French architect Manuelle Gautrand, the façade is enlivened by a red awning and clad in glass and mirrors. Redesigned to make the building modern and elegant, the new façade embodies the Galeries Lafayette Group’s commitment to the arts and creation and adds to the appeal of the Metz city-centre.

Facade of the Galeries Lafayette Marseille Bourse Store

Citynove helped reinvent the Galeries Lafayette Marseille Bourse store by revamping its facade. Designed by the well-known architectural agency Moatti-Rivière, the new facade — a visually spectacular, transparent ribbon of glass encircling the store — is a true architectural feat. The new facade makes an important contribution to urban regeneration plans for Marseille’s city centre.