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Every creative act is based on the need to see the source of our inspiration, our passion, and our ideals.
That’s how our story began.

about us

A leading city-centre fashion retailer with proven expertise, the Galeries Lafayette group is a family-run and private group, with 120 years of history in commerce and retail. The Group enjoys international recognition through its iconic brands: Galeries Lafayette, BHV MARAIS, Galeries Lafayette-Royal Quartz Paris, Louis Pion, Guérin Joaillerie, BazarChic and
In welcoming more than a million visitors each day to its 280 stores and its online shopping websites, the Group is committed to setting the standard as a multi-channel, innovative, ethical and responsible retailer that puts the customer first and is actively engaged in promoting the French “Art of Living”. In 2014, the Group returned to consumer retailing, in which it has undisputed long-standing know-how, by acquiring a significant stake in the Carrefour group.
A key player committed to creation and a major private employer in France with 14,000 employees, the Group has grounded its identity on sound corporate values of sharing its passion for customers, daring to innovate, growing stronger together and striving for excellence.
In retail sales
Family owned
Visitors per day
Creation of Galeries Lafayette
by Théophile Bader


The Galeries Lafayette group is a French société anonyme (limited company)
with an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board representing the shareholders.
the Galeries Lafayette group
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Executive Board

Philippe Houzé

Executive Chairman

Nicolas Houzé

Executive Board member

Ugo Supino

Executive Board member



Mindful of the need to steward our heritage, in 2008 we created our Corporate Heritage Division, which shares the company’s archives with researchers and the general public.

Our values

Sound values that inspire creation.


Passion for our customers

As a retailer, the Galeries Lafayette group places customers at the heart of everything it does. All employees share a common passion for our customers and aim to surprise, attract, serve and win their loyalty by offering the best choice of products, the best presentation and the best services for a truly unique shopping experience.

Daring to innovate

Being a family-run group gives us complete freedom to reinvent ourselves. It gives us the freedom to invest, take risks, anticipate the future, encourage new talents and support designers; that’s what our DNA is made of. It is this freedom that allows us to thrive and to grow. Each of us is encouraged to propose new ideas to take part in the future of the Group, as part of a continuous improvement process.

Stronger together

The Group is built on a generous and family-based model: we are stronger together. To work together means to think as a team, to help and support each other to achieve our goal. Together we progress, evolve and create success. It is together that we please and delight our customers.

Striving for excellence

The Galeries Lafayette group’s banners are among the leaders in their sectors: they illustrate not only our great skill in product selection but also the quality of our relationship with our customers. Employees from every level of the company form the links of a chain to our customers. They are the ambassadors of the French “ Art of Living”. Our mission is to offer a carefully selected range of products, to go the extra mile to offer impeccable service, and fulfil all our customers’ desires and to share this culture with the rest of the world.

Innovation at the galeries lafayette’s group

Committed to an approach that emphasizes innovation, boldness and creativity which hav always been the foundations of our brand essence, in 2014 the Galeries Lafayette group set up the Innovation & Development Division, an organization, with a start-up mind-set to serve the company. 
This agile division pioneers innovative ideas for our different brands by creating opportunities to diversify a long-standing retail tradition and by catering to the new momentum of multi-channel retailing businesses. Its mission is also to support concepts with the highest potential; such as the Cuillier project (more information on and the Lafayette Plug and Play accelerator, launched in 2016.

Lafayette – Plug and Play

The first innovation platform fully dedicated to retail and fashion industries, Lafayette Plug and Play is a startup accelerator created by the Galeries Lafayette group in partnership with the Plug and Play Tech Center, a recognized Silicon Valley player with an international outreach.  
Located in central Paris in dedicated 1,000 sqm office spaces, Lafayette Plug and Play aims to support the development of French and international start-ups that are transforming retail and fashion, by creating an innovative ecosystem in these industries.
With a bi-annual selection of participants, Lafayette Plug and Play offers entrepreneurs a unique and higly supervised three-month programme.  
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